Wednesday 7 March 2007

Texture and Form

So this is a photo I took at my local park (Hutton Country Park) a few weeks ago. It had been a foggy morning, and the moisture clung to tiny scraps of cobweb like crystals on wire.

These Greater Burdock (thank you Lois!) were by a stream that runs through the park, and I used my Pentax 50-200 at minimum focus distance, with a little fill flash.

The RAW file was converted in Capture One LE, and then desaturation, toning and contrast control were applied in Photoshop.

I really like the golden tone, it suits the subject as it's similar to it's natural colour, but it really helps to bring out the texture and form. I can't wait to print it up as a 10" x 10" - framed in a warm, dark wood, it will look gorgeous.

Here's one of my favourites from that morning, showing the dew clinging to a hornbeam twig. I actually think this isn't on a cobweb, but either some hair or fibres stuck to the twig, but I could be wrong.

This was taken with my Sigma 105mm macro lens, a favourite of mine, again with flash, as it was a bit murky amongst the trees, and a light breeze was plenty to move the subject around.

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Lovely jubbly!