Sunday 29 July 2007


Not exactly photography, although there is a photo on this post, which is more than I can say for others that I've done. Today we collected two hedgehogs from the South Essex Wildlife Hospital, and these have been released in our garden. Prior to release we needed to ensure they had a nice, waterproof home (a chamber at the bottom of our logpile) and a way out of the garden so that they can roam about and get their food. They may just wander off and never be seen again, but hopefully they'll stick around.

Hedgehogs are in trouble due to loss of habitat, poisoning from slug pellets, getting run over etc. The South Essex Wildlife Hospital currently have around 200 needing rehoming. If your garden and surrounding area is suitable, they'll be only to grateful of your help to provide a release site - give Sue there a call! If you want to donate to this charity too, please do, they do an amazing job. If you can give them some of your time, even better!

This is the male, before we got him out of the box and ushered him into his new home.

Hopefully we'll have success with these two, and some of you will provide some others with places to go.

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