Saturday 11 August 2007

Private 1-2-1 Tuition

I've mentioned it before, but I thought I'd give a few more details about the private one-to-one tuition I offer, which is based on 4 hour sessions, at a cost of £75, and are loosely along these lines...

1/2 hour chat to see what you want to learn (no obligation, if you decide not to go ahead, that's fine), then we go for a walk to try out and/or explain different techniques.

One gentleman was interested in the way that I took pictures, so he basically wanted to see how I would frame and expose the shots, rather than actually take them himself. But I would normally expect us both to be taking pictures and comparing them to see how different viewpoints, lens choice etc has an effect on the outcome. But whatever you want to address is fine, whether it's just the basics of what you camera does, or looking at specific techniques.

The best places for these are really Essex Wildlife Trust Visitor Centres, where we can sit down with a cup of tea for a chat, then have plenty of subjects to seek out once we're outside. Thorndon Park is a good one as there's plenty to shoot once we're out and about, but Hanningfield, Chafford Gorges or Bedfords Park are also more than suitable.

I can do weekends or weekdays (I work 3 days a week for Essex Wildlife Trust, but am usually available Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and one day at the weekend), and any 4 hours during the day.

If that's of interest, let me know and we'll see when we can schedule you in!


Unknown said...

Hello Daniel

I'm not local to Essex at all but, if I was, I'd love to take up a 1-2-1 Tuition, not least for your obvious enthusiasm in subject!

I came across your website (really nicely done) from a link from Somerset Wildlife Trust whilst Googling 'Starlings Somerset' on a tip-off, and thought your photo displayed there completely summed both up. As someone who has no formal photographic knowledge, but spends many hours walking in the countryside, I think your photos are marvellous and capture the very essence of their subjects. And it's marvellous to hear a success story of someone doing what they really love.

Thanks for sharing your images, and all the best.

Daniel said...

Hi Joanna,

Thank you for your kind comments. I hope you get to see the Starlings, it's a truly wonderful experience and I can recommend it whole-heartedly.

You've reminded me that I have an article I wrote on the subject to post on here, must get that done in the next few days as it's quite topical now.

If you'd like some 1-2-1 tuition, but aren't local to me, it's worth letting me know, as I may be in your area at some point (I do get around, I'm often in Wales, Somerset, Yorkshire, Scotland...) and could always spare a few hours for a willing student.

All the best,

Unknown said...

Thank you, that's sounds a very good idea, and I'll certainly bear it in mind. I'm not often in one location for long, but tend to roost in Somerset once or twice a year. I'm travelling, so had to update from an ancient faithful SLR to a point-and-click digital, but happily this has now run out at about the same time as my patience with it, and it's a digi SLR on the list now! So I've some learning to do... It's just a shame to travel and see so much without being able to record it properly, somehow!

Many thanks


Daniel said...

Really hoping to get back down to Somerset this winter, as I'd like to see the starlings myself again.

Anyway, I said I'd post that starling article, and just having seen Autumnwatch with Simon King at Westhay, I'll get right onto it.

Have fun travelling!

Unknown said...

That was a real coincidence, happened to see Autumnwatch for the first time, and there they were on Westhay.

The last time I recall seeing starlings on such a scale was in Hove, they used to descend on the old West Pier en masse, EXTREMELY photogenic, I presume it's so dilapidated due to arsonists that the starlings have moved on now. Guess you know that famous b&w 'starlings swarm' photo - they are probably still selling it on the prom!

Certainly do enjoy the travelling, there is so much to see, spent quite a few months in Wales this summer (in the rain - good for showing up the colour of rocks, and for empty beaches). What a stunning area, still without the crowds. Pembrokeshire still remains a favourite, not quite enough trees for me to move there permanently though! The area I've never explored at all is yours, over in East Anglia.

Daniel said...

Keep returning to Wales myself, we like Powys, especially lake Vyrnwy and the the surrounding area, and have stayed in the same cottage 6 times now - just love it.

Also stayed in Snowdonia a couple of times, in a cottage surrounded by woodland and no neighbours. Bit pricey but worth it :)

There are plenty of nice places in East Anglia, it's not all flat and featureless. But I can't help but be drawn away to the hills...