Monday 3 March 2008

Ducks and Geese

I was at Weald Park in Brentwood yesterday running a 1-2-1 tuition session, concentrating on animal photography - Weald has a decent lake with a good supply of ducks and geese, so I thought it ideal.

I rattled of a good number of shots myself, but as ever with moving subjects and my manual focus long lens, many were not sharp.  We were especially trying to catch some good wingflapping poses from the ducks, and I did at least get one good sequence.

Male Mallard duck having a good old flap.

However, it did make me think more about getting an autofocus 300mm lens, and Pentax have just brought out a new one, which is tempting...

Female Mallard posing nicely.

I was particularly pleased with aspects of this shot, although the branch top right was unfortunate, but I like the action as these ducks had a squabble - there's three of them, but the right-hand one is underwater!

Squabbling mallards

The Graylag geese were as bold as usual, so some good close-ups could be had.

Greylag goose portrait.

The belly of a wet Greylag Goose.
It has left me with the urge to go back and try some more.

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Anonymous said...

ok thats scary. look at these I took on monday