Sunday 23 August 2009

Original or Flipped?

Further to a discussion held on the Pentax User Forum here, I have created this short quiz for you to try.  It will only take a minute or so to complete, and will give you your result as well as the correct answers, in case you didn't get 100%.

The quiz is looking at whether we can tell if a photo is displayed the original way round, or if it's been flipped, so that it's back to front.

I'd be very grateful if you could add your score as a comment to this post.  It's not a competition, so no prizes, and no shame in getting some, or lots, wrong, so please be honest with your score.  Many thanks for your time.

Take the online test - Original or Flipped!


PentaxBabe said...

Hi Daniel,
This was a very interesting test and shows how difficult it actually is. I was looking for clues but obviously didn't find many. It will be interesting to see how other people do.


Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the test at Pentaxbabe says difficult to spot clues etc!

I got 50% right


Daniel said...

Well, what was your score Jeanette? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

Very difficult to tell.
7 out of 10!

Some did 'look' wrong, the 3 three that I thought looked flipped I got right, the rest were a guess, lol.

Interesting quiz.


ali g

Anonymous said...

50% for me too.

It does show how easy is it to flip, and no-one will know...

bazzie said...

I scored 7 out of 10. A flipping good result don't you think?

Anonymous said...

5 for me