Wednesday 13 January 2010

Photography is like Porridge

This time of year, my mind often contemplates porridge.  Not everything's got to be about photography, right?  What better way to start the day, especially when it's cold like this.

So, I thought I'd let you know how I like to have my porridge, just in case you ever need to know...

If I'm making it for two, I weigh out 150g of porridge oats in a small saucepan (not the milk pan, the next size up).  Put the pan on the scales first and zero them, and don't turn them off or re-zero until the porridge is on the hob.

I then add enough water to cover the oats, not so much that they're sloshing about in it though.  The whole lot's probably weighing about 450-500g now. Then add enough milk to take it up to 800g.  I prefer weighing it all, saves on washing up a jug.

Then pop the pan on a low heat, and stir every 30 seconds or so, just so nothing sticks, or burns, and just wait for it to thicken up.  It won't go to a solid lump (hopefully), and it will be enough for a cereal bowl full each.  I use one of those silicon spatulas to stir it - makes getting everything out of the pan very easy, much better than a wooden spoon.

I have it with a dollop of golden syrup.

Now, some of you will be thinking "urghh, I wouldn't do it like that!", and other such thoughts. But that's okay, I wouldn't expect everyone to like it the way I do.  If you showed me some of your favourite photos, I may well think "Oh dear, I wouldn't have taken it like that", but it doesn't mean they're bad, just not how I like it.  So just because you don't like my porridge, or I don't like your photos, doesn't mean that either of them are bad, just that we have different tastes.  And we should keep on doing what pleases us.

So photography is like porridge, probably.

Anyway, so that you don't think I'm some sort of cereal lunatic, here are some photos I took today, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy my porridge.

All shot on my K10D with DA*300mm lens at Writtle Village pond.

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