Wednesday 23 November 2011

New Website Coming

I'm busy designing a new website at the moment, simply because my current one is somewhat out of date, with several areas that are less relevant to my business today, but also because my tuition leaflets bear little resemblance to my website.  I remembered this was the reason for changing to my current design about 8 years ago, my business cards were a new design, and they looked nothing like my website, so I spent the summer of 2003 have a major redesign.

My new website will be much smaller, with about half the number of pages, with much more emphasis on my photography tuition.  I'm having 'fun' getting to grips with HTML and CSS again, with the added joy of jQuery this time too, but it's coming together, and is now getting to the stages where I'm ready to fill it with content.

Anyway, here's a little sneaky peek at how the home page will look...

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