Friday 19 October 2012

Photo Friday - Week 38

A couple of recent photos tonight, one from the Close-Up and Macro Nature Photography Workshop I ran at Thorndon Park earlier this month, and the second one that I took when seeing the Red Deer at Bedfords Park.

The first is a Toadstool, growing amongst moss on the side of a log, which I shot by holding the camera against the log, bracing it as best I could, using Liveview to see whether it was in focus or not, as I couldn't get my head down to the viewfinder.  Turned out okay...

Pentax K-5, Sigma EX 105mm f/2.8 macro lens @ f/6.7, 1/3s, ISO400, handheld.

For this one I was just lucky the squirrel paused where it did, allowing me to fire off a few frames before it disappeared up the tree.  It was late in the afternoon, the sun was down behind the trees, and a higher ISO combined with a longer than ideal shutter speed was required.

Pentax K-5, Pentax DA*300mm f/4 lens @ f/4, 1/60s, -1.5EV, ISO800, handheld.

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