Sunday 6 January 2013

Portfolio 2 Ebook for iPad

I updated the photos I have on display in Cameraworld in Chelmsford a few months ago, and finally produced a book to go with them, which is in the shop to see (but not buy, it's just there to accompany the TV display).  It's come out really nicely in hardback, and you can buy it through Blurb in this format, but it doesn't come cheap, unfortunately.

Luckily, Blurb make it very easy to make books into the eBook format, for iPads, iPhones etc, and they look great, with nice, vivid colours.  Even better, they cost a lot less, so I can sell these at a much reduced price.  The preview below allows you to look through the whole book, and there are links below that to take you to the relevant formats, when you decide you can't live without it!

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