Sunday 29 July 2007

Pentax K10D

I realised earlier that I really don't say much about the camera I use. In some ways it's good to think of the camera a simply a tool, and as long as it's capable of giving you the results you want, that's all you need. When I was using film I used a Chinon CE5, which in itself was a great reply to the perennial "You must use a fantastic camera" comment. People were expecting me to say "Yes, a £5,000 Canon/Nikon", when in fact it was a secondhand £50 Dixon's own brand...

These days I use the Pentax K10D. It's a 10 megapixel Digital SLR, which is nothing extraordinary these days. What is extraordinary is that it's fully weather sealed, has in-camera image stabilisation (so any lens, not just the expensive ones, are stabilised), is immensely customisable, so both of it's command dials can do just about whatever you want them to, has some new exposure modes, has an 11 point autofocus system (nine of which are cross type sensors) and has unlimited continuous jpeg shooting (over 3 frames a second until your card is full). All for £399 body only.

The Nikon (D80) and Canon (400D) cameras in the same price bracket just don't compare. Add to that the great kit lens (18-55mm), which knocks spots off the Canon offering for sure, and you can't go wrong. And no-one else makes lenses like the 'Limited' series, or the 'Pancakes'.

I've just got myself the Pentax FA50mm f/1.4 lens, which is just sublime, and along with the Pentax 16-45mm, Pentax 50-200mm, Sigma 105mm macro and Sigma 10-20mm I've got a versatile, high quality set-up that allows me to achieve the results I need.

Never let anyone tell you that you need a Canon or a Nikon to be a 'proper' photographer.


Daniel said...
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bazzie said...

Hi Daniel- spoke with you at Thorndon today re your courses. Glad to see you use a Pentax- so do I (K100D). Can't beat 'em!(except for dust getting on the sensor when changing lenses: wish I'd waited for the Super model with dust remover.


Daniel said...

Hi Barry,

I can't get a bit evangelical about Pentax sometimes, but I do try to be fair. :)

Dust on sensors is unfortunately a fact of DSLR life at the moment, but I have to say the K10D cleans up quicker and better (just with a Rocker Blower) than my old *istD before (which usually needed a wet wipe).

There are more and more of us Pentax Users around, take a look at if you haven't already, plenty of free help and advice on there.

All the best,

Daniel said...

Sorry, that obviously should have said "I can get a bit evangelical about Pentax..."

bazzie said...

Thanks Daniel. I already visit all the Pentax forums! I like your pics, especially the deer ones.