Thursday 26 April 2012

eBook for iPad and iPhone

I've had a selection of over 130 photos on display in Cameraworld in Chelmsford for a couple of years now, and they've been great for helping people see the kind of work I produce.  Soon after they went on display, it became apparent that people wanted to know more about them, so I produced a book which showed focal lengths used for each shot, as well as more detailed information for a couple of dozen of them.

I've often had enquiries about whether the book is for sale, and have sold a few of them, but 'print on demand' is not the cheapest way of producing books, so the cost of these has often put people off, as it's around £20 once postage is added.

Now though, Blurb are able to supply published books in 'eBook' format, which you can view on your iPad and iPhone, and my Portfolio 1 is now available for £7.49 in this format.  There's a preview below, just click the shopping trolley icon to buy one, or click here!

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